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The enormity of a culture can be perceived in its festivals. They proselytize diversity and offer prospects for civic delight. Celebrating festivals is like living to the fullest in an exceptional way. These are days when there is acquiescence universally. There is an air of incredible effervesce and high expectancy in everyone during the time of festivals. Festivals in India are looked-for throughout the year and are celebrated with splendor and glory. There is an aura of ebullience and vivacity during the festive season. The essence of India is articulated through the festivals celebrated throughout the year which is as variegated as the nation’s panorama and as sparkling as its people.

Holi Festival Celebration (Holi Essay for Students)

One such festival that has us waiting an entire year is Holi. This is a festival which breaks the barriers of enmity with colours. People venerate and celebrate this vibrant festival for various beliefs. With the magnitude of cultures and communities that reside in India, each one has their own fascinating legend behind celebrating Holi.

holi festival essay
holi festival essay

Holi is celebrated for various legends, and with its jollification they bolster the supremacy of good over bad for all legends speak of how the wrongful was crushed by righteousness. Amongst the various legends that are spoken about while commemorating Holi, the story of Prahlad and his evil father the king of demons Hiranyakashipu happens to be the most popular amongst them all. Prahlad’s devotion to God intrepidly without the fear of death saved him from his evil aunt Holika who entered pyre with his nephew to burn him alive but instead was burnt to ashes and from his demonic father Hiranyakashipu who wanted stab him with a sword but was saved by Lord Vishnu himself who took the avatar of Narsimha.

Besides this, there is the legend of Lord Shiva and Kaamadeva which is followed and respected by the people of Southern India. Sati was the wife of Shiva but when she died Shiva was angered and went into deep meditation. He wouldn’t come out of his deliberation even after Sati was reborn as Parvati. In hopes to bring him out of his meditation, she sought the help of Kaamadeva who shot Shiva with the arrow of love. Things didn’t turn out as they should instead Shiva was angered and in his anger opened his third eye. Furious Shiva burnt down Kaamadeva to ashes. Both Parvati and Kaamdeva’s wife Rati were upset with what he had done. Miserable and angry after the loss of her husband; Rati then took to meditation for forty days. Shiva understood love and compassion and forgave Kaamadeva and restored back his ashes to life. People celebrate this return of love into the world with Holi.

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There are many more adorable different legends which people believe is behind the reason to celebrate Holi. However, the vigor and delight with which they smear colors on each other, sing and dance together and exchange sweets are the same in everyone.

Such legends keep the spirit of faith burning within their souls. This light helps them follow the path of uprightness and morality – something which is justly required in the modern society of today where some recourse their lives to malevolent practices for menial gains. By celebrating Holika Dahan– where a symbolic pyre is burnt to mark the victory of good; people hope to keep unscrupulousness and deceit away from their lives. By playing the RangwaliHoli – where people smear each other with colours red, yellow, pink, green and blue; they keep hope, courage, and optimism alive amongst them.

Importance of Holi for Kids, Children & Adult

The sight of any neighborhood in Holi is a pleasure to the eyes. Children chase each other with water-guns, the roads are smeared with different colours, people make groups and visit houses of friends and family to play colours with them, the homes are aromatic with special dishes of Holi and youngsters throw water-balloons on passer-by’s who take it all in good spirit.

Amongst the malpua, dahi-vada, pakora and other yummy dishes made on Holi the most desired dish is Thandai. The drink is made with bhang, almonds, pistachios, cashew nuts, rose petals, poppy seeds, and milk. Bhang is made from the leaves and buds of the cannabis plant. It has a religious significance to Lord Shiva and Krishna. Though, most enjoy thandai without adding bhang to it.

Holi falls in a very special time of the year. The fields are blooming with crops, and people are expecting a hearty harvest; giving them a reason to rejoice and make merry. This day of festivity is also understood as a time to change oneself and purge oneself of errors. It is a day to forgive and forget all past conflicts. Many people also forgive old debts of other and make new deals. The change of season depicts the time to change oneself, to make a new start and make new friends.

Holi is celebrated with joy and delight not only in India but also in Nepal where it is a national festival. Bangladesh and Pakistan also celebrate Holi with fervor and enthusiasm. Other countries that have Indian diaspora such as Canada, Australia, South Africa, United Kingdom, Malaysia, Surinam, Guyana, United States of America, Mauritius, etc. all celebrate Holi.

Holi also had biological significance and was more than just a festival of colors. People clean their mind and rid their homes of clutter. The climate changes from being cold to hot which makes the people lazy; loud singing, dancing, playing with colors and making food all make them active. The colors used in the olden days were made from natural products. Yellow, for instance, was made from turmeric or marigold; indigo was used for blue, red sandalwood for red, etc. All these natural colors are good for the skin.

This beautiful festival expresses one’s happiness through colors of yellow, blue, red, pink, purple and green. This festival of colors is meant to be enjoyed with friends and family. Soak in the joys that it has to offer and share the love with everyone you know.

Happy Holi!

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