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Celebrate the Festival of Love with Best Holi Pictures 2020

It is simply impossible to imagine India without her iconic festivals coming to your mind. Loud and vibrant, India celebrates special occasions like festivals with great pomp and show. Thick parades characterizing Gods and Goddesses, massive fireworks, deafening drums, carefree dancing to the tunes of ‘dhols’, burning of the demon effigies and smearing colors on the faces of people, they all characterize Indian festivals. Indian festivals may be a bit overwhelming for those who have never experienced or been the part of it. The festive season in India commences from the month of August and continues till the month of March. Holi, the festival of colors is celebrated to mark the end of winter and the autumn season. Just have a look at the Holi Pictures to get an idea what the festival is like.

If you travel to India during the summers, you can be the part of Holi, the festival of colors. Since religion is an indispensable part of the people of India, the festival of each region is tied to some religious event such as the birth of the divine power and the victory of Good over Evil. The festival of Love and colors is celebrated at the end of February and in the ‘Phalguna Purnima’. The festival celebrates the triumph of Good over Evil.

Holi Festival Images
Holi Festival Images

Holi to mark the end of Autumn season (Holi Images 2020 Download)

Holi, the festival of colors, is celebrated with equal gaiety as other festivals of India. The festival of colors is celebrated in the month of March to augment the spring season. Indian folks desperately wait for the ‘Falgun’ month so that they can celebrate Holi by smearing colors on the faces of their loved ones, stating: “Bura Na Mano Holi Hai”.

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In the context of Indian culture, Holi has great religious significance. It is that very day when Bhakt Prahalad won over his demon aunt, Holika. Lord Vishnu saved His devotee Prahlad while Holika got burned in the fire. Despite all their attempts to kill Bhakt Prahalad, they weren’t successful, and indeed, this day marks the victory of good over the bad forces. It is also the day to rebuild relationships and come together. People on this very day forget all sorts of bitterness in heart and enmity and involve themselves in smearing colors on the faces of everyone. It is the day to wish ‘Happy Holi’ where the people celebrate the festival along the bonfire.

There are several stories and legends surrounding the Holi festival. The name ‘Holi’ is adapted from ‘Holika’ who was the sister of Hiranyakashyap, the Demon King. To celebrate the victory of Prahlad over his aunt, people rub ‘Abeer’ and ‘Gulal’ on each other’s face or on the faces of near and dear ones. On this day, people also exchange gifts to love and bless others.

Latest Holi Pic 2020
Latest Holi Pic 2020

Interesting facts on Holi you should know (Holi Festival 2020)

  • The name of the festival is picked from ‘Holika’, the sister of demon, Hiranyakashyap.
  • As per the popular legends, Hiranyakashyap prevented Prahlad, his son, from worshipping the Hindu God, Lord Vishnu. But, despite this denial, he still worshipped Lord Vishnu. Then he made Prahlad sit on the structure of wood or pyre along with his sister Holika. Finally, it was Holika who was burned and Prahlad was miraculously survived.
  • Another legend surrounds the festival of Holi where Lord Krishna in an attempt to court Radha has smeared colors all over her face. Lord Krishna as an infant fed the poisoned milk of Putana and this resulted in turning his skin blue in color. He thought of being rejected by Radha, but Radha accepted him despite his blue color
  • The popular festival is celebrated in Phalguna just after the day of Full Moon, falling in the month of February or March
  • The date of Holi celebration is usually fixed on the basis of Hindu Calendar, but it may vary as per the Gregorian calendar
  • In the Brag, the festival of Holi is enjoyed for the full 16 days. Brag is the region where Lord Krishna was born
  • This Festival of Colours is also celebrated in other regions of the world including Mauritius, Pakistan, Fiji, Trinidad, and others
  • The first day of celebration is referred to as ‘Choti Holi’ or ‘Holika Dahan’, and the next day is ‘Rangwali ’
  • Holi is predominantly the festival of fun and merriment
  • Gujiya is the special dessert that people prepare at home and serve it to their loved ones. The sweet delicacy is prepared by stuffing in dry fruits and ‘Khoa’ or sweet items. People enjoy this sweet dish along with ‘Thandai Bhang’ to the fullest extent

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Holi Picture 2019
Holi Picture 2019

The great historical value of Holi and its cultural significance

In the context of Indian Culture, Holi has a great historical significance. As already stated, there are several legends surrounding it. The most popular legend is the story of Bhakt Prahlad, Holika, and his demon-father Hiranyakashyap. Holika has a boon that she would not be burned by fire, but ultimately it is she who is burned. The victory of Prahlad over Holika is the victory of Good over Evil. The goodness always gets eternal victory over the bad forces and evil. Lord saves his devotee Prahlada and he survives without being harmed in any way.

Holi Festival Images
Holi Festival Images

In different parts of India, Holi assumes different forms. But, one thing is common in all. People of all regions celebrate Holi with equal love and with the same spirit. In the Barsana and Mumbai, Holi celebration is the most popular. Barsana is the village of Goddess Radhaji, and in Mumbai, people move to the streets, smear colors and also break the earthen-pot. The earthen-pot is fixed to a higher point and carries milk. A group of people tries their best to reach out to the earthen-pot and break it.

Best Holi Images 2019
Best Holi Images 2019

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Holi Pictures & Holi images of this year celebration will be great to watch out for. Holi is the festival of excitement, fun, happiness and love. On this day all the offices, educational institutions are closed down. People pour water of colors on each other to enjoy this festival. Smearing colors and dancing to the beat of the ‘dhol’ is the special delight of Holi festival.

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