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The vivacious colors bring positivity into our lives. This beautiful festival is celebrated throughout the nation with splendor and spectacle. The preparations for the actual festival begin way ahead of the actual day. Homes are cleaned, de-cluttered, painted and decorated. Several states of India have colorful processions where folk songs are sung, and people perform traditional dances in beautiful ethnic clothing.

Best Poem on Holi in English (Holi Poem for Students)

Colors, sweets, and water-balloons are the ingredients of Holi,

It is time for us to plunge in the array of colors and be jolly.

Colors yellow, red, blue and pink,

Let’s not anymore rethink.

Come let’s revive friendship by plunging in the shades of happiness

Forget enmity, smear colors and show our goodness.

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Holi begins with the burning of Holika where a huge pile of wood is burned on the night before Holi. People also burst crackers while the pyre burns. They gather around this bonfire to sing, dance and celebrate the victory of good over bad. They also throw grains such as chick peas, corn, and coconut. The next day everyone plays with dry colors called abeer and children usually play with colored water too. One of the legends people believe in is that Lord Krishna used prank and throw colored water on the ‘gopis’. This is why you find many people throwing water balloons on passer-by’s. Friends and family have get-togethers where they eat, play games and smear colors on each other. The youngsters and kids put colors on the feet of the elders to show respect for them.

The colors of Holi have a profound significance. The celebration of Holi doesn’t just have a mythological or cultural implication but social significance too. The atmosphere is prismatic on the day of Holi, and our lives should be cheerful and colorful just like the colors of Holi. It helps to fortify the secular fabric of the nation by bringing together people from various communities and religions. Hatred is elapsed when people smear each other’s faces with colors. It is a day to forgive and forgive bitterness.

Colors are related to our emotions and feelings. If yellow is for happiness and pink is for love then green is for jealousy and red is for anger. Life is like a canvas which we color with our emotions that keep changing every day. Colors are special, and without them, life would be dull and gloomy.  When we strike accord even in the diversity of these colors our life is not only colorful but ecstatic and charming.

At times when we fail to keep the harmony in the colors, things get black and dark. This is the time to come out of the emotive muddle and come out victorious but being positive and believing in you just like the legend of Holi where Prahlad did not fear even death.

Holi is an attractive and meaning festival. Take the colors from Holi and make your life exciting and rich. Life is too short to hold on to grudges. Let us make our canvas of life attractive with these beautiful colors.

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