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Holi – A Festival Of Joy And Colour (Best Holi Quotes 2019)

Holi is a festival of colours and it is regarded as one of the most enjoyable and renowned festivals of India and it is celebrated by people all over the country and Indians living overseas every year. At times, this festival is also called as the ‘festival of love’ because on this day people get together with their loved ones and let go of all their past resentments and all sorts of bad feeling towards each other. They come together to celebrate this festival as one. This great Indian festival goes on for a day and a night. It begins in the evening of the Full Moon Day in the month of Falgun. This coincides with the period between late February and mid-March based on the Gregorian calendar.

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On the first evening, it is celebrated with the name of Holika Dahan or Choti Holi and then the following day is celebrated as Holi. It is recognized as different names in different parts of the country and Holi Quotes & Holi Shayari are shared by people in the get-togethers while they are celebrating.

History and religious significance of Holi (Holi Shayari 2019)

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It is difficult to find an exact time of when Holi originated but there is a reference to the celebration as early as the 4th century in olden Sanskrit texts and verses.

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Tale has it that Holika was the sister of the conceited demon king Hiranyakashyap, who wanted everyone in his kingdom to worship him as God. His own son, Prahlada, stayed devoted to Lord Vishnu and this infuriated Hiranyakashyap to no end. So he decided to kill Prahlada for his treason, and for that purpose, Hiranyakashyap asked Holika to trick Prahlada into entering a burning fire, knowing that his sister would not be harmed as she was immune to fire. Prahlada got into the fire while continually chanting Lord Vishnu’s name. Prahlada was saved due to his devotion and faith in Lord Vishnu, whereas Holika unintentionally lost her own life in the fire. As a result, the tradition of Holika Dahan began. It is believed that after that Lord Vishnu made an appearance and killed Hiranyakashyap, triumphing good over evil.

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What to expect?

The brilliance of colours brings in a lot of positivity in people’s lives and Holi being the festival of colours is, in fact, a day worth celebrating. Holi is a prominent Hindu festival that is celebrated in every single part of India with greatest delight and passion. The celebration starts with setting alight the bonfire known as Holika Dahan a day before the day of Holi and this process signifies the victory of good over the evil.

Holi Shayari in Hindi HD

Holi Shayari in HD

Holi Quotes in Hindi HD

Holi Quotes in Hindi HD

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Best Holi Shayari in Hindi HD

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Holi Quotes in HD

On the day of Holi people spend the day colouring their friends and families, and in the evening they enjoy delicious meals with them sharing love and respect, and Holi Quotes and Holi Shayari. Going back through the centuries, Holi has always been a festival of bringing people together and celebrate harmony and unity.

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Happy Holi to Everyone

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